• Solenoid Valve

    Solenoid Valve

    According to NAMUR international standard, MC50 series solenoid valves can be directly installed on the air source interface of single-acting or double-acting pneumatic actuators.
  • Electrical Actuator

    Electrical Actuator

    MAQ series electric actuators are high performance products designed and manufactured by MORC Company, which can provide you with the most reasonable solution in the field of valve automation.
  • Air Filter Regulator

    Air Filter Regulator

    MC-22 series air filter pressure relief valves adopt advanced control principle and have high pressure regulating precision. They can filter more than 5 micron solid particles.
  • Limit Switch

    Limit Switch

    MLS300 series limit switches are used for on-site and remote indication of valve position. They are suitable for high-risk situations and have reliable performance. The shell meets ExdIICT6 explosion-proof standard and IP67 protection level.
  • Pneumatic Actuator

    Pneumatic Actuator

    MAP series pneumatic actuators adopt the latest process design, beautiful shape, compact structure, widely used in the field of automatic control.