The grand ceremony of 2020 will be held as scheduled

No pains, no gains! In 2020, we will enter a new year. The MORC Controls will not only work hard, but also carry the full harvest and achievements of motorcycle controllers into a new chapter!

The harvest needs to be shared, and the achievements need to be publicized! On January 9, 2020, all the staff of MORC gathered together to hold the annual MORC annual meeting as scheduled! In the joyful ocean, we listen to the speech of general manager Mo, looking back on 2019 and looking forward to 2020. In this way, the grand ceremony of the annual meeting of MORC begins!

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(group photo of 2020 Spring Festival Gala)

General manager Mo also said that each of us should have a feeling, a goal and an expectation, so that we can have a sense of heaviness, a sense of mission and a sense of honor in life. General manager Mo said that we are expected to contribute to the localization of the valve industry by the accessories of the valve. We should have a patriotic feeling, not forget our original intention, and forge ahead. While contributing to the localization process of the valve industry, we are also responsible for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

Practice and put it into action. The motorcycle controller begins with a song “my Chinese heart”. As the lyrics say, “surging Chinese voice, even if born in another country, can not change my Chinese heart.”. Yes, we are all proud of Yanhuang. No matter when and where we are, we have a “Chinese heart”.

12 (12)(motorcycle control employees sing “my Chinese heart”)

Jiangshan needs heroes. The meritorious officials should not be unknown, but should be warmly applauded and rewarded. In 2019, the growth rate of friction control performance is obvious, which is inseparable from the heroes fighting in the front-line market. Through the fair and fair selection of the company, manager Xiong of marketing department was selected as the comprehensive “Sales Champion Award”, and manager Jiao and manager Tong of marketing department was selected as “morc Sales Champion Award”. Here, I would like to congratulate them and express to them the profound blessing and thanks of all the employees of Mocheng. At the same time, here we also see the motorcycle control version of “women don’t let men be men”. It’s really a heroine among women. It’s hard to stop her arrogance!

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(Sales Champion Award)

What is home? It’s a haven. It’s a gentle village. It’s a food and clothing guarantee. Here, I want to say, it’s a feeling. It’s a sense of returning home for tourists. How long do you have to leave home, always return, stay in a foreign country, always homesick. For the motorcycle controller, the motorcycle control company is where everyone comes from. We miss her, protect her and protect her. In this deep feeling, the middle and high-level leaders of motorcycle control presented poetry recitation “motorcycle control, a beautiful home”, poetry recitation with rich voice and emotion, let us indulge in the ocean of joy.

12 (14)

(poetry reciting “motorcycle control, a beautiful home”)

Learning from the past is not only a progressive performance, but also a constant exploration and improvement of self. If you want to see far, you have to work hard, and if you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery alone, you have to work harder. We should also give affirmation and rewards to the progressives and outstanding contributors, and encourage them to dare to compete for the first place and break through themselves. After the selection of the leaders of motorcycle control, Zhou manager of marketing department was selected as the “sales progress award” and Zhang Xueyuan of after-sales department as the “outstanding contribution award”. Reward is not only an honor, but also an incentive. Let’s make further efforts and create more achievements!

If the mountain is not high, it will be famous if there is an immortal. If there is a young man, he has a high ambition. In this happy moment, our little guest, Mr. Mo, sings a solo song “there is a mountain in the South”. The gentle voice of children takes us into the mountain of hope and looks at the beautiful scenery. Everyone lingers forever!

12 (15)

(“There is a mountain in the South”)

Fresh blood is always the guarantee for an enterprise to keep moving forward. Only by keeping its youth and vitality can an enterprise last forever. In the process of growth, an enterprise can not live without a safe and stable environment. It needs a peaceful and healthy growth. In the day-to-day operation, an enterprise can’t live without its employees who stick to their posts, who are conscientious and hardworking, so that the enterprise can thrive 。 Here, we would like to thank the “New Progress Award – Fu Junjun, Chen Zhisheng, Safety Award – Xiao Yu, Fu Min’s Bee Award – Ye Menglan, Zhuang Ziyi, Xu Lingzhen” for their hard work and continuous guarantee. You are the heroes of Mocheng’s silent struggle!

12 (1)

12 (2)12 (3)

(New Progress Award, safety award, little bee Award)

Hero is a synonym for success, and it is remembered and respected. But we can not only see the brilliance of the hero’s surface, but also experience the pay and responsibility behind the hero. No one can succeed casually. It takes a hundred times of effort to succeed. As the lyrics of “true hero” say, “seize every minute of our life, spare no effort to our heart’s dream, how to see rainbow without wind and rain, no one can succeed at will”!

12 (4)

(colleagues of marketing department sing “true hero”)

Han Xin orders soldiers, more is better! In war, under the same conditions, excellent commanders are often the key factors to win. The market planning, strategic layout and emergency resolution of the motorcycle control can not be separated from the control and command of the motorcycle control managers. They are the leaders, they are the masters of the direction. Let’s pay tribute to the excellent managers. They are “Chief Technology Engineer Zhao, production Chen, market Hu, technology Zhang”. Let’s give warm applause and thank them for their excellent layout and management Control!

12 (5)

(excellent manager Award)

12 (6)

(production colleagues sing “if you don’t come, I’m not old”)

Loyal love needs to wait, to be persistent for love, to stand loneliness, to stand the test, even if the world is old, I am your consistent him. Fu Junjun’s song “if you don’t come, I won’t be old” will fill in the climax of the party. Here, we motorcycle controllers can shout, “if motorcycle controllers are not old, we will never leave!”!

12 (7)

(don’t sing “nameless flower” in love)

The hero is nameless, and his heart is devoted to the country. No name is useless, no fame is glorious. Just like this nameless flower, although it is nameless, it is charming and fragrant, with fragrant flowers. As long as people try to shape themselves, they can master. Silent, will also be Bole phase, talent spillover is your essence, is difficult to cover up. In this special season and joyful atmosphere, Mo Tai’s song “nameless flower” spreads around, nameless flower, nameless flower, smiling in the rain, chasing the fragrance soul!

12 (8)

(President Jiang of international business department sang “Annie”)

A spring silkworm may not stop spinning silk until death, a candle’s tears dry only when it’s burned down to ashes. This is the ancients’ attachment to love, as well as their loyalty and devotion to their loved ones. We should cherish this feeling, protect this love, and be a loyal and persistent person. In this situation, the first “Annie” of the international business department’s Jiang Zong can explain its taste!

12 (9)

(the finance department sang “when love is near”)

Guanguanju, in the River continent, my fair lady, the gentleman is good! When love is near, please release your decision, don’t let all the unfavorable factors cover your eyes, it’s such a pity to miss it, meet the natural intersection, let us know each other and cherish each other here! Our financial team’s song “when love is near” is tactful and affectionate, telling you how many stories of the world of mortals!


(closing song “tomorrow will be better”)

All around the world, the annual meeting of motorcycle control in 2020 is coming to an end. The family of motorcycle control wish the future of motorcycle control better with a song of “tomorrow will be better”. Let’s stretch out our hands and sing your enthusiasm. Let’s hug each other and wish each other a better tomorrow!

Happy time is always so short, let’s separate with the memories of youth, let’s remember tonight with a happy smile, let’s look forward to a more brilliant and splendid life of tomorrow’s motorcycle control. Unforgettable tonight, no matter the ends of the earth or the corners of the sea, we will see each other again in spring!

Post time: Feb-12-2020